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Want to Learn How to Sell Comfort?

The Key to successful selling in the HVAC industry? Shut Up and Listen…Don’t Tell and Sell. 

What is Gross Margin?
 What is gross margin?  How high should it be?  What can you do if it isn't high enouigh?

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From its creation in 1980, Venture Tape has thrived by identifying niche markets, developing highly specialized products, solving technical problems, and improving production efficiency for companies large and small. This has resulted in an annual growth rate averaging nearly 20%. Venture Tape is now recognized as an innovative, world-class competitor, with warehouses and sales offices in the U.S., Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Italy, the Netherlands and Singapore. Venture Tape is a leader in the HVAC tape industry in product innovation with the introduction of Cold Weather (CW®) Acrylic adhesive technology, #1599B Flex Duct Closure Tape, #3243 High Temperature Flue Pipe Tape, #1507 Line Set Tape, #1507 Reflective Insulation Tape, and #1577 VentureClad Weather Barrier Jacketing, all unique to Venture Tape Corp.

Venture Tape
30 Commerce Road
P.O. Box 384
Rockland, MA 02370-0384

781-871-0065 - fax