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News / Introducing AllStyle Coils
Posted on: Oct 02, 2012

Did you know AllStyle fan coils are a drop-in replacement for First Company fan coils?
There are thousands and thousands of opportunities for replacing old inefficient models today. The good news is, Comfortmaker condensers match these AllStyle products, so the combinations are AHRI certified.
Bush Supply is proud to introduce AllStyle products to the Phoenix metro markets. AllStyle Company has been a family owned business for nearly 25 years. AllStyle products are all made in the USA with factory operations of over 550,000sq ft. AllStyle defines quality as products that meets or exceeds the matched system manufacturer's original design specifications. Their quality products are a result of a combination of high quality material, efficient manufacturing processes, and superior personnel.
Check out our AllStyle product guide here.
Learn about Products, download Home Owner's Manuals, Installation Manuals, Parts Manuals and learn about their warranties at:  WWW.ALLSTYLE.COM

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