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News / Install Kits Available
Posted on: Aug 16, 2012
At Bush Supply, you can order a complete install kit, available for every Comfortmaker roof-top package unit we sell. Each kit includes:
  • A custom roof elbow and angle iron stand. You can make it a twist elbow for only $50 more.
  • A thermostat. We offer a good-better-best thermostat option that ranges from a simple digital thermostat to a full touch screen, single stage or multi-stage depending upon the needs of the equipment.
  • Disconnect and whip. We size the whip and disconnect to the unit so you don’t have to.
  • PVC connector and P-trap.
  • Gas nipple for gas packs. Again, we size it so you don’t have to.
  • Crane. Your choice of Smiley Crane or Westside Crane is included in the price. When you place your order with us we’ll give you a purchase order number that you can use with either company. On the day of the crane, just sign the ticket and go.
Our customers love our kits because, like ordering a value meal, they save money. Starting at $498, they make it easier to quote and easier to order. And because our customers only have to write one check, they spend less time in the office.  Try us on your next install and you’ll see how easy life can be.
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