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Blog / Working for a Successful Fourth Quarter
Posted on: Jul 26, 2010
Summer is here; business is good, and it should only get better as the season progresses. As the temperatures get hotter, homeowners begin to consider their old HVAC system and how now is probably a good time to replace it.  Typically, when the temperatures begin to level off, they’re again content and living in paradise. This year, however, might be a little different than years past.

Remembering the Tax Credit
If promoted successfully, the last three months of 2010 could shape up to be one of the best quarters for the add on/replacement market, ever. This time frame marks the end of the 2011 tax credit, as it pertains to the HVAC industry.  By reaching out to existing customers - letting them know you have the products that qualify - as well as special incentives like discounts, free extended warranties or free financing, you and your customers will benefit. It is important to remember, appreciate and draw upon the relationships you have with your existing customers. They know you and trust you. Even if they don’t need a system for their home, they may know someone who does.

So how do you reach out to your loyal customer base? A great place that we recommend here at Bush Supply, is through direct mail campaigns. Use the campaign to promote the tax credit, and inform your customers about the pending deadline.

Campaign Tips
The following are some ideas to include that can help make your direct campaign most successful:
  • Let your customers know how much they’ll save in dollars, not percents. To your consumer, percents are vague and not as tangible – dollars, on the other hand, are real and grab a consumer’s attention.
  • Include a time limit, such as “offer good till November 30, 2010.  This urges homeowners to action, and prevents them from missing the deadline. 
  • Be repetitive. Start early, and work the entire fourth quarter.
  • Consider offering a financing special.  Specials with offers like, “6 Months, No Payments, No Interest,” allow homeowners the opportunity to apply their tax refund directly to the cost of the equipment.  While financing is certainly more difficult now than it ever has been before, banks are lending and many homeowners will still easily qualify.
Direct mail campaigns have never been easier to produce and are sure to offer excellent return on investment.

Many economists that monitor the HVAC add on/replacement market, believe that there is significant pent up demand. Help your customers realize the benefits the close of the 2011 tax credit can bring them: they’ll enjoy new, energy efficient units with reliable performance and savings; less time to wait to get their money back if they file their taxes in January, and a renewed trust and appreciation for the quality service you provide to them, everyday. 

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