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The Key to successful selling in the HVAC industry? Shut Up and Listen…Don’t Tell and Sell. 

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Blog / The Bright Side
Posted on: Mar 25, 2009

Newscasters have a reputation for spreading doom and gloom, and when they are talking about your country and your bank account, it’s difficult to not feel worried. In order to get a more rounded view of the state of the nation, I watch a variety of shows. None of them have eased my mind. Everyone seems to agree that the world is about to end.

I am more of an optimist. Hard times have come and gone, and Bush Supply is still here.

The truth for the HVAC industry in Arizona is this:

•    If we have 8% unemployment, 92% of our customers are still working.
•    We have a Federal Income Tax Credit available.
•    You can’t live in Arizona without air conditioning, (technically you can, but it’s not what you would consider “quality of life”).

To succeed in today’s competitive climate, it is important to give your customers your best shot.  In other words, make the best of every opportunity.  The best way to do this is to:

  Offer Choices. 
Try a Better/Best/Good approach.  When homeowners see a selection of products to choose from they feel more comfortable.  Recommend to homeowners your best product first.  It will perform better for them and means more profit for you.  If they agree, sign the deal and start the job.  If they don’t, the fact that they have other options to choose from that may help you get the sale.  Offering choices will help you to get the most bang for your buck in every opportunity.

  Be Ready. 
It’s been said, “In Arizona we have two seasons: summer, and summer’s coming”.   I like to equate our business to tuna fishing. The most money is made when the tuna are schooling and there are more fish to sell. For us, “tuna school” occurs in the summer.  Knowing this, make the best of the summer season by spending most of your business time making money. 

Analyze your business to find out how you can spend more time being productive servicing your customers and spend less time in the office, the supply house, or doing any other things that can rob you of your valuable time. Doing these things will help you to think positively, just like it has helped me.


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